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Mexico-One Plate at a Time: Volume 2

Mexico—One Plate at a Time with Rick Bayless is an energetic and informative Public Television cooking show starring Rick Bayless, chef and owner of Chicago restaurants Frontera Grill and Topolobampo, James Beard Foundation National Chef of the Year, and award-winning cookbook author.

Mexico-One Plate at a Time: Volume 2
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4 stars

This Volume Two sampler serves up five episodes of action, adventure and, of course, the approachable, hip dishes that have become Bayless’s trademark.


Episodes included:


Fish a la Veracruzana - Rick takes us to the Gulf Coast port of Veracruz, “The Mexican Mediterranean,” for a look at the city’s most famous contribution.


Mojo and Escabeche - Mexican mainstay’s since the arrival of the Spanish: Slow-cooked garlic with smoky chipotles to spoon over shrimp; tangy light escabeche that’s the kind of fresh cooking that’s so popular today.


Let’s Talk Tacos - Gleefully dispelling the notion that tacos are crispy shells jammed with ground beef and shredded lettuce, Rick takes us on a journey in search of the real thing.


Sopes & Gorditas - Sopes (little masa boats) and Gorditas (plump little tortillas) are baked on a griddle and finished with all kinds of flavorful toppings. We watch them being created in a courtyard restaurant and market stalls in Mexico, as well as in Rick’s kitchen with a contemporary twist.


Straight Cheese On Quesadillas - No one can resist a crusty grilled cheese sandwich, and Mexicans are no exception—only they replace bread with fresh corn tortillas and call their version a quesadilla.



Approximate running time: 80 minutes

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