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Mexico–One Plate at a Time: Volume 4

Mexico–One Plate at a Time with Rick Bayless is an energetic and informative Public Television cooking show starring Rick Bayless, chef and owner of Chicago restaurants Frontera Grill and Topolobampo, James Beard Foundation National Chef of the Year, and award-winning cookbook author.

Mexico–One Plate at a Time: Volume 4
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This Volume Four sampler serves up six episodes of action, adventure and, of course, the approachable, hip dishes that have become Bayless’s trademark.


Episodes included:


Super-Hero Sandwich - Join Rick on a hunt for perfect snacks as he visits Mexico City street stalls selling everything from tacos and snacks to colorful wrestling masks and capes. Along the way, we discover the history of this uniquely Mexican blend of acrobatics, myth and morality play.


Quest For Fire - Deep in the Mexican countryside, Rick pulls over for a sizzling roadside snack—chicken grilled on an improvised oil-drum barbecue; then he brings the idea home with a recipe for Roadside Whole Chicken with Knob Onions grilled on his own backyard barbecue.


It's A Shore Thing - Wading through the surf at Guayabitos, a charming fishing village on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, Rick sets off in search of the ultimate catch—the Mexican seafood dish that captures everything that’s perfect and irresistible about a day at the beach.


Welcome to Tequila - Tequila has come around—from “lick the salt and suck the lime” firewater, to chic drink of connoisseurs and hipsters alike. What exactly is this quintessential Mexican spirit, and what makes one tequila so-so and another sublime? Rick takes us straight to the source—where the first families of tequila still brew the stuff from the slow-roasted heart of the blue agave plant.


Fusion Revolution - Mexican cooking might be called the original fusion cuisine. Of all the dishes in the Mexican repertoire, mole is doubtless the ultimate example of fusion food, born of a baroque melding of influences from nuns and native women who mixed old and new world ingredients to create a sauce of dazzling complexity.


Mexico Unplugged - When Rick wants to get away from the frantic pace of life in the restaurant world, he heads South. It’s a search that takes him from a mountaintop in the jungle to a mellow natural products store in a quiet corner of Mexico City and a traditional temescal—a spa and sweat-lodge where curanderos practice ancient healing arts.



Approximate running time: 80 minutes

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