Frontera restaurants celebrate the richness of Mexican cuisine and culture through exceptional cooking, a vibrant physical experience, and an unflagging commitment to local and seasonal sourcing.

Frontera Grill
You’ve never stepped into a grill so energetic, so on the edge... so on the frontier... as Frontera Grill. Frontera swings casual, like an American grill. But it also rollicks with a vibrant, boisterous, Mexican rhythm. Its walls radiate sun-baked colors. The paintings and sculptures leap to your eyes and make you laugh. Together they invite you to an ever-young fiesta. And the food? Frontera Grill uses beautiful ingredients, often organic and custom-grown, to bring to you the bold flavors and immediate freshness that jump off the tongue–just as it does in Mexico.

Just “Topolo” – that’s what people-in-the-know call it. Frontera Grill’s sister restaurant, Topolobampo, shares the front door and bar. But then the sister flaunts her own. If Frontera rocks and claps, Topolo slinks. She is the quiet, sleek, classy sister. And she invites you into an elegant Mexican fantasy world and to dress up a notch for its incomparable, authentic, regional flavors.


If Topolo pampers and Frontera dances, then Xoco rocks. Though the word is Mexican slang for “little sister” (from the ancient Aztec language), there’s nothing little about Xoco’s big, bold Mexican marketplace flavors.

Frontera Fresco

Welcome to Frontera Fresco—a fresh, quick-service restaurant concept created by Chef Rick Bayless in partnership with Macy’s. Enjoy robust and spirited regional Mexican delicacies, all time-honored recipes made with natural ingredients and all priced $7.50 or less.

Tortas Frontera

Explore the amazing flavors of Mexico at Tortas Frontera. Created by Chef Rick Bayless, Tortas Frontera features hand-crafted tortas, fresh-made guacamole and hand-shaken margaritas. Now, the type of quick-service gourmet you expect to find in a downtown hotspot is available (to go!) at the nation’s busiest airport.