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We enjoy salsa and chiles most every day of the year—on everything from eggs to sandwiches and pork chops. Fire-roasted smoky chipotle salsa even finds its way into our Thanksgiving feasts tucked into the homemade cranberry relish or swirled in the mashed potatoes.

This year, per popular request, we’re roasting a fresh turkey with a traditional bread and sausage stuffing. To accompany the turkey, we’ll add zesty salsa to a couple of our side dishes including tomatillo -laced version of scalloped potatoes. Green chiles spark up the cornbread  and a little roasted garlic dresses crunchy chayote. A salad of creamy avocados and mango adds a welcome tropical warmth to the holiday table.

For starters, tumblers full of refreshing apple cider, bubbly from Negra Modelo, gets guests in the mood for the day. A warm cheese and salsa dip proves just the perfect nibble.

Thanksgiving Cocktail and Nibbles

Thanksgiving Side Dishes