Thanksgiving Cocktails, Nibbles and Sides

We enjoy salsa and chiles most every day of the year—on everything from eggs to sandwiches and pork chops. Fire-roasted smoky chipotle salsa even finds its way into our Thanksgiving feasts tucked into the homemade cranberry relish or swirled in the mashed potatoes.

Adobo Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner ranks among our favorite fiestas of all time. Everyone comes focused on feasting—and let’s face it—all cooks need good eaters. We like to start planning the menu far in advance—usually incorporating our family favorites, such as Mom’s stuffing, and adding a new dish or two to keep the dinner conversation lively. This year we’re definitely serving spicy potatoes—mashed potatoes laced with chipotle and/or red chile and honey glazed sweet potatoes.

An Intimate Thanksgiving for 4

Not everyone wants a mob scene in their house for Thanksgiving. Sometimes a dinner for four can be just the right fiesta. If that’s the case, Cornish hens offer high-drama in a small package. Sweet potatoes and onions roast alongside the hens for a one-pan main course.

Post-Holiday Comfort Cooking

Ok, dinner’s been served. Finally, you’re done cooking. Not!

In my house, the party always lingers beyond the main meal and often stretches into the next day. So when I shop and plan for the holiday, I’m prepared with goodies for midnight snacks, breakfast and lunch. Many of those ideas involve bits and pieces of the holiday meal. Is there anything better than a roast turkey sandwich? Yes! A Mexican-style torta that features chipotle cranberry relish, a little avocado and crusty rolls.