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For decades now, our weekly food shopping revolves around attending at least one local farmer’s market. We so admire the dedication farmers possess to get up in the wee hours of the morning to bring city folk their fresh, local treasures. From heirloom tomatoes to farm fresh eggs and perfect peaches, the overflowing stands make our hearts beat faster.


Summer tacos prove a lighthearted way to celebrate the bounty of the season. We’re thinking about filling fresh corn tortillas with crisp, dark green kale paired with red chile. Or, tiny tender squash bathed in roasted tomatillo and cilantro. Sautéed mushrooms, heady with chipotle and garlic, likewise taste great tucked in warm tortillas sprinkled with cheese.


Our general rule of thumb for any taco party is to offer a variety of fillings and fresh toppings—ranging from vegetables to meat and fish. Then guests can assemble their own combinations. For 4 people, we will make three or four fillings—depending on the guests’ appetites. Children usually embrace a filling made from ground beef or turkey, and steak is always a crowd pleaser.


rustic_salsa_190For topping the tacos, set out small bowls of cheese; we like shredded Chihuahua and fresh crumbled queso fresco. The bounty of fresh tomatoes in the markets makes a simple salsa of ripe tomatoes, chopped green onions, fresh chiles and cilantro a sure thing.


To accompany the tacos, cook up a big pot of black beans and mash some avocados into great guacamole. For dessert, try a fresh berry “salsa” over vanilla ice cream or grilled pound cake. Then celebrate summer and farmers everywhere.


Taco Filling Ideas