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We wait for it all year long—the chance to dine outdoors. We plan menus, check weather reports and take stock of our picnic supplies. So when all the stars align, we prepare the finest fare we can think of—grilled salmon always tops the list. Served in a pool of zesty salsa riddled with fresh herbs and briny olives, it pleases everyone.

Garden-fresh green beans dressed simply with tomatillo vinaigrette make a stunning side dish to the salmon. Serve crusty bread so guests can soak up every bit of the dressing.  

For starters, pass around pretty glasses filled with chilled gazpacho garnished with ripe tomato and crunchy cucumber. A splash of Negra Modelo proves the secret ingredient in the version included here. The aromatic beer perfectly complements the tomatoes and the spicy habanero chile in the recipe.    

Fresh raspberries do double duty in the peach shortcake and the refreshing Raspberry Negra Modelo cocktail. If you’re toting all these recipes to a picnic spot, assemble the shortcakes and mix up the cocktails on location. Then sit back, relax and enjoy the summer evening and the kudos from your guests.



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