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Celebrate the fathers in your life with this stunning, yet simple, menu studded with Mexican flavors and indulgent touches. For starters, we’ve transformed our father’s old-fashioned cocktail into a refreshing, effervescent beverage topped off with a couple of dashes of chilled beer. The cocktail cools off the heat from the red chile hot wings in a heartbeat, so serve the two together.


Today, anything and everything pork takes center stage on many trendy restaurant menus. But our wise father always knew pork was “the bomb,” and has embraced it his whole life. So for Dad’s day, we propose a pork duet—bacon-wrapped, grilled pork chops. What can we say? The match is made in heaven—all that’s needed is a generous baste of Frontera barbecue sauce to add a kicky sweetness.


Serve grilled summer squash and zesty oven “fries” for accompaniments to the chops. A combination of baking potatoes and sweet potatoes make an attractive presentation and we enjoy the sweet-hot flavors.


That brings us to dessert. Our Dad’s a pie guy. (Isn’t everyone’s?) We’ve added ripe mango to key lime pie for a twist on the classic. Serve it with a generous dollop of whipped cream. Dad will be happy. Ditto for the cook.


Father’s Day Menu