Summer Grilling

Farmers Market Fiesta

For decades now, our weekly food shopping revolves around attending at least one local farmer’s market. We so admire the dedication farmers possess to get up in the wee hours of the morning to bring city folk their fresh, local treasures. From heirloom tomatoes to farm fresh eggs and perfect peaches, the overflowing stands make our hearts beat faster.

Fiesta del Sol

We wait for it all year long—the chance to dine outdoors. We plan menus, check weather reports and take stock of our picnic supplies. So when all the stars align, we prepare the finest fare we can think of—grilled salmon always tops the list. Served in a pool of zesty salsa riddled with fresh herbs and briny olives, it pleases everyone.

Father's Day

Celebrate the fathers in your life with this stunning, yet simple, menu studded with Mexican flavors and indulgent touches. For starters, we’ve transformed our father’s old-fashioned cocktail into a refreshing, effervescent beverage topped off with a couple of dashes of chilled beer. The cocktail cools off the heat from the red chile hot wings in a heartbeat, so serve the two together.