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Our favorite meal of the week just might be Sunday brunch. Think about it—no need to start too early—brunch practically implies sleeping in until it’s nearly lunchtime. Offering both sweet and savory main courses is totally acceptable. Ditto for cocktails and strong coffee. And if we overindulge, we have all day to work off the extra calories. (Or take a nap!)


This spring, we’re inviting a few close friends over to try our newfangled bread pudding—a main dish offering that pairs roasty tomatillo salsa with chorizo and spinach. For starters, we’ll set out little appetizers of smoked salmon and black beans on crunchy tortilla chips.


Bacon and brunch are practically synonymous—but we surprise our guests by putting the bacon in the guacamole. You have to try it to believe it. A green salad topped with juicy mangos and orange segments pleases everybody.


For a fantastic twist on the classic mimosa cocktail, we’ve spiked our fresh-squeezed orange juice with chilled Negra Modelo beer. This sweet juice and full-bodied beer combo is a match made in brunch heaven.


Spring Brunch