Spring Fiesta

Spring Brunch

Our favorite meal of the week just might be Sunday brunch. Think about it—no need to start too early—brunch practically implies sleeping in until it’s nearly lunchtime. Offering both sweet and savory main courses is totally acceptable. Ditto for cocktails and strong coffee. And if we overindulge, we have all day to work off the extra calories. (Or take a nap!)

Señor Patrick’s Day

Ok, we admit it—Señor Patrick’s Day sounds hokey. But we couldn’t help ourselves. For a couple of reasons, chief among them: smoky chipotles are FANTASTIC with corned beef. Ditto for cilantro in mashed potatoes and hot sauce drizzled over crunchy sautéed cabbage.

March Madness Shoot for Fun

Do we need an excuse to party? Not during March Madness—those weeks of rapid succession basketball tournaments featuring many major colleges and universities. We love to gather around the television and root for our favorite teams. And no, we don't have any money riding on the games.