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Hundreds of lucky guests have already gobbled up all the seats at the Frontera Grill and Topolobampo New Year’s Eve festivities, so we’re busy planning our at-home fiesta.



We’ll start with an easy “martini”—chilled Negra Modelo served in a martini glass rimmed with smoked paprika and salt. Sweet and spicy empanadas filled with a simple picadillo of browned meat, olives and raisins make a great appetizer. A platter of shrimp skewers served with green chile mayo looks as good as it tastes.


Our New Year’s menu works well as a buffet for a more casual party. For a more formal sit-down dinner, plate the salads in the kitchen and serve them before serving plates of the main course and vegetables.


For the main course, lean, attractive pork loin braised in salsa with crisp apples and dried apricots couldn’t be simpler to prepare yet delicious to serve. We like to accompany the pork with high-heat roasted potatoes, fingerlings or tiny golden potatoes and steamed slender green beans or sautéed zucchini.


We find it’s good luck to end one year and start another with a decadent chocolate dessert. Homemade ice cream, spiked with a little dried chile and Negra Modelo thrills even on the coldest eve. For a beautiful presentation, serve small scoops in stemmed glasses accompanied by crisp butter cookies and strong coffee.

¡Feliz año nuevo!


New Year's Eve Dinner for Eight