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Our friends and neighbors know to keep their craziness under control on New Year’s Eve. That’s because they want to be in good shape for our annual Open House on New Year’s Day. We put out a great spread. Folks drop by for a bowl of soup, a little football viewing and holiday cheer.


This year we’ll do a soup duo—one chockfull of seafood, the other a hearty meatless chowder. Both can be served in small heated bowls or coffee mugs. The chowder will keep nicely in a slow cooker for a couple of hours. For the seafood soup, prepare the recipe through step one in advance, then cook the seafood when the guests are in the house.


To start the festivities, serve gooey warm queso fundido empanadas. Bowls of salsa, chips, guacamole and cut veggies go great with tall salt-and-pepper-rimmed glasses of our twist on a bloody Mary—the Negra Modelo spiked Bloody Maria.


Coconut candies can be made in advance and look great on a tray with assorted chocolates. Bowls of red grapes and Clementines please the kids.


New Year's Day Open House with the Neighbors