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We like entertaining on Halloween (and all autumn long) with an assortment of casual, satisfying snacks. Everything from spicy kettle corn to ripe tomatoes stuffed with luscious guacamole.


Flavor, texture and spice always inspire our cooking. Crisp crostini topped with crunchy fall apples sport a splash of hot sauce for surprise. Hot sauce likewise enlivens a snack of sweet, crunchy pecans. Serve chilled Mexican beers to cool things off!


It’s no trick that everyone loves a treat of crunchy tortilla chips topped with melty, gooey cheese. Our tostaditas, aka “nachos,” sport an awesome corny crunch when made with Frontera Thick and Crunchy Taqueria chips. Pickled red onions offer a tart counterpoint to creamy black beans and rich cheese. For an extra smoky flavor, pile the chips on a foil-lined tray and crisp them on a hot grill.


A pot full of chili warms up the crowd. This year, we’re serving up a rendition of our award-winning chili made with grilled pork and beef and flavored with Guajillo Salsa. Serve the chili topped with sour cream, diced red onions and cilantro. Don’t hesitate to throw in a handful of crushed corn tortilla chips.


Let the kids have the candy—these spicy pumpkin donut holes prove the perfect, rich treat on a cool, fall night. Crispy on the outside and deliciously moist on the inside, our pumpkin cake donut treats are spiced with a homemade ras el hanout—a Mediterranean spice blend. Traditional pumpkin pie spice makes an equally tasty donut. Serve the donut holes warm, drizzled with cajeta—the indulgent goat-milk caramel so beloved in Mexico. Guests will beg for the recipe.


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