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We’re getting ready for our annual Halloween party--our favorite excuse to cook (and to dress in costume). While the kids trick-or-treat, we’ll be home sipping spiked cider and nibbling on crisp veggies dipped in a spicy pumpkin seed dip.


Our soup kettle will be filled with some of our bountiful harvest of butternut squash. We’re keeping the soup prep simple—just squash, broth and some roasty salsa for flavor. That means we’ll have time to make crowd-pleasing taquitos—lightly crisped black bean and chicken-filled corn tortillas. The taquitos can be served with either a simple red or green chile sauce. Mixed greens tossed with a zesty lime dressing cut the richness of the taquitos.


Keep your hands out of the kid’s candy bags so you have room for dessert: Pumpkin ice cream topped with some crumbled shortbread cookies and a drizzle of cajeta--Mexican caramel sauce. Now that’s a treat!



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