Backyard Border Burger Bar | Print |

This 4th of July we’re blending our favorite American traditions with some south-of–the-border bold flavors. Our bison burgers, riddled with fresh cilantro, roasted tomato, mild red chile and a hint of chipotle, get topped with a gorgeous pile of sassy red onions. Likewise, fresh corn, cut off the cob for a salad, sparkles with tangy tomatillo and green chile.


Slabs of watermelon refresh even on the hottest day. We’re tossing chunks of the chilled fruit with lime and soft fresh Mexican cheese. Gorgeous.


Homemade chocolate chip cookies are welcome at nearly every casual gathering. We’ve added chunks of Mexican chocolate, cinnamon and toasted pecans to our version. We plan to bring a double batch to the fireworks show. Sweet way to celebrate!


Great summer fare with south-of-the-border flair