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Huddle up sports fans! It’s game time again and that means football, food and fun. Savory snacks and a spicy cocktail should have our party guests rushing the buffet table.

We’ll kick things off with an all-star lineup of starters (including a smoky Bacon Guacamole, need we say more?) and a spicy Chipotle Michelada cocktail. Prepare to go deep with Cochinita Pibil, the classic pulled pork of the Yucatán region of Mexico. Slow-roasted in banana leaves with a blend of garlic, Mexican spices and citrus, this pork is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Be sure to get a jump start on it the day before so that come game day, your only task is to get it in the oven. Get your fiesta a nomination into the hall of fame by serving this juicy, tender pork with tangy pickled red onions, fiery Frontera Habanero Hot Sauce and toasted, chewy bread for guests to make their own sandwiches.

As if that wasn’t enough, go into overtime for some sweet, delicious Cinnamon Frosted Brownies.

Fantasy Fiesta Menu: