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This holiday season we’re entertaining casually—with boldly flavored comfort food. Think beef brisket simmered with red chile and bacon. Or, creamy scalloped potatoes laced with a little tangy tomatillo and green chile.



For a stunning treat, we’ve included a recipe for the traditional Christmas Eve salad served throughout Mexico. It’s a simply beauty made from beets and oranges on a bed of romaine.


Much of the cooking for this menu can be done in advance which makes for a more relaxed cook. That’s always a good thing around our house.


Set the table with placemats and casual dishes or gather around the fireplace. Serve fresh ginger and honey spiked beer cocktails as the guests arrive along with little cheese and chipotle relish topped crostini.


For dessert, the classic crispy profiterole and ice cream topped with warm chocolate sauce riddled with cayenne and cinnamon. You’ll keep the guests on their toes and oh so happy.