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We absolutely love appetizers from elegant little crab cakes to crisp chips topped with spicy goodness. Like Cher in the movie Mermaids, we would eat them for dinner all the time. Trouble is, making delicious, attractive appetizers often takes more time than making a “real” meal.



Not so when Frontera salsa and sauces come into play. Our products are packed with flavor from fresh, roasted vegetables, garlic, fresh herbs and Mexican chiles. Paired with other high-quality ingredients, a holiday appetizer party is easily within reach.


The recipes here range from classic finger food such as stuffed mushrooms, to updates on some of our favorite nibbles including spicy meatballs and chicken tenders. Some of the recipes, such as the crab cakes, will require small plates and forks, others can be served with napkins for eating out of hand. Most will transport easily.


Offer guests an assortment of hot and cold appetizers figuring each guest will usually enjoy tastes of 3 to 4 dishes. Round out the party with bowls of salted nuts, chips and crackers, assorted olives and cut veggies. A platter of assorted cheeses with an attractive bunch of grapes in the center always pleases. Dress it up a bit by serving the cheeses with small dishes of flavored mustards and honeys.


Start the party by serving a signature cocktail as the guests arrive. The Negra Modelo Apple Lime Cider is a refreshing libation that looks festive served in salt and sugar rimmed frosted mugs. Try substituting pomegranate juice for the apple cider—it’s stunning and celebratory.