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Big Game menu plan: Go big or go home.

We have a brother-in-law who firmly believes every party should feature a six-foot sub and a keg of beer. We don't disagree with the simplicity of his vision. We do, however, believe the sub sandwich better be kickass and the beer mighty interesting.


So for Sunday's Big Game we've created such a sub and we're serving a bucketful of iced-down Negra Modelo beers. The sandwich is a riff on our favorite torta milanesa—made easy with oven-fried chicken and zesty pickled jalapeños.


We're also making a ginormous bowl of guacamole. After all, we better do our part to make the legendary consumption of avocados (reportedly 50 million pounds during the Game) come true. That and the fact that it's green—like our favorite team's colors. Kidding! (About our favorite team—not the giant bowl of guacamole.)

Seasons change and so did I: share the bounty

Chicago was HOT this summer. The heat and the humidity really got to us. Fortunately, the heat also got to our gardens. It’s been a bountiful year—the tomatoes, squash, green beans and peppers have been amazing. The herb garden overflows its boundaries in all directions.


That’s the beauty of fall: Full gardens, abundant farmers’ markets and days cool enough to heat up the kitchen with cooking. So we face the rapidly shortening days by manning the stove. We stock the pantry with homemade pickles and jams and freeze the herbs encased in butter for the frigid days ahead.


We recreate the warmth of Mexico by cooking the foods we love most— stuffed chiles, queso fundido, guacamole, soothing soups and hearty chili-based stews.  Then we invite friends and family to share the bounty. We like to think we’re storing up some heat—at the very least, we’re making memories.


homemade pickles

Frontera Chipotle Pumpkin Salsa on Good Morning America


Frontera’s new Chipotle Pumpkin Salsa was featured on ABC’s Good Morning America as food editor Sara Moulton ran down the best new products at the 2010 Fancy Food show in New York. Sara and hosts Elizabeth Vargas and George Stephanopoulos loved the smoky, spicy flavor (but we notice Sara incorrectly identified sweet potato as one of the ingredients).


Perfect for autmun entertaining, this exciting seasonal recipe from the kitchen of Chef Rick Bayless is a delicious combination of velvety pumpkin and tangy roasted tomatillos with the sweet-smoky glow of chipotle chiles. It’s a limited edition product, so look for it on grocery store shelves this fall, and be sure to stock up — it won’t be around for long.


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