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Why not try all of Rick Bayless's salsas?


We can't think of a good reason and evidently, neither could Nick Kindelsperger of Nick's article, "We Try all of Rick Bayless's Salsas" is true to it's title and offers a nice selection of photos along with brief, insightful commentaries about each flavor of Frontera Gourmet Mexican Salsa and Salsa Mexicana




Like any Serious Eater, Nick offers notes about each recipe and it's essential ingredients, the overall flavor profiles and some suggested uses beyond chip dipping. For example, Nick is right on target about one of our favorite salsas, Frontera Double Roasted Tomato:


"The roasted tomatoes here are vibrant and engaging, with a deep roasted profile and a prominent heat. This has actually been my go-to store-bought salsa for the past few years, and while I usually devour the whole jar with chips, it's equally good at sprucing up most tacos."