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Food Blogger Roll Call


Let's have a fine Fronterafiesta shout-out to the many food bloggers who’ve taken time to share their experiences with Frontera products. We love these personal POVs with really great feedback and original ideas on how to use Frontera salsas and sauces. We’ve collected a few of the articles here—if you know of others, we’d love to read them.


To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Renee is making these beautiful Pork Tacos with Cilantro-Avocado Cream Sauce (yum) topped with Frontera Tomatillo Salsa. READ MORE >>
Blogger Susan is a foodie and a food scientist who writes with a frank, no-nonsense voice. She liked the Frontera Skillet Sauce and says, “Thanks for the flavor, ease, and not screwing Americans up the butt on the price Rick Bayless. Much appreciated.” Well said, Susan!   READ MORE >>
Wendy, the Weekend Gourmet, has taken to Taco Tuesdays with Frontera Seasoning Sauces. Wendy says, “These flavorful sauces are made with all-natural ingredients – no hard-to-pronounce additives – and fire-roasted chiles. They make Mexican dishes easy enough to cook on even the busiest of days.”   READ MORE >>
Tempie is the Texas Peach and she’s shared her experience making Turkey Tacos with Frontera Taco Skillet Sauce.  She writes, “The sauce gave the turkey a nice smoky taste, and it does have a very mild chile flavor, just like the package says.”  READ MORE >>
Dairy & Soy-Free Mama offers a thorough review of Frontera Sauces for those with dairy and soy allergies.  READ MORE >>
Food Hussy Heather Johnson tells us about her Frontera Fajitas: “The sauce had a mild kick to it and definitely a schwing of lime - it also made the mystery behind "what do I add to chicken to make it fajitas" go by the wayside!"   READ MORE >>
Glam Gourmand Chef Stef makes Shrimp Tacos with Key Lime Cilantro Taco Skillet Sauce. She writes, “They’re genius, run don’t walk to the store and pick some up for dinner tonight.” Good idea Stef! READ MORE >>
Kate is the Cheapo Gourmet and she’s “a sucker for Mexican food.” Same here Kate, and we love your review of Frontera Taco Skillet Sauce. Kate points out that the Frontera sauce “is a little more than the traditional dry taco seasoning mix, but it tastes waaaay better.”   READ MORE >>
Green Girl blogger Angie is hooked on Frontera Taco Skillet Sauce. She writes, “The Texas Original seasoning is super flavorful.  It has a slight kick without being too spicy.  The kids love it (so do the adults)!"  READ MORE >>
Foodtastic Mom Jill (Cooking is my super power) says “I’m a huge fan of Salpica  salsas. I mean, how can you go wrong with a brand that puts pictures of a Frankenstein head and stiletto heels on its salsa jars?”  She’s shown us how to make Mexican Meatloaf Foil Dinners, perfect for a Halloween camp out. Believe it, and READ MORE >>