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Behind the Scenes Baja: Episode 13
Wednesday, 15 June 2011 10:31


We're a long way from Mexico, but the filming of the 8th season of Mexico--One Plate at a Time continues in earnest.  For the second half of the show, Rick transforms the dishes and flavors of Mexico into recipes that make sense in a home kitchen.  All of this is filmed in his house in Chicago, which is turned into a fully-functioning studio.  Snaking cords, monitors, cameras, lighting, assistants, food stylists, a full staff of prep cooks making sure Rick has everything he needs--it's pretty miraculous to see how they manage to turn a regular home into a place where TV happens.


To show you how it all works, we filmed the episode featuring the famous Baja fish taco, which culminated in a backyard fiesta.  Fans of the show, here's your chance to see that famous kitchen of Rick's behind the cameras!  We also take you on a tour of  the basement prep kitchens, and out into the backyard to see Rick fry the fish and then explain to our guests how best to dress an authentic fish taco.



Jeff Maimon (host) is Rick's assistant
Blake Royer (camera and editing) is a Chicago-based food writer. Follow him on twitter: @blakeroyer


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