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Behind the Scenes Baja: Episode 9
Friday, 29 April 2011 12:47


Baja. Fish Tacos.  These words just go together — and they are what might be the peninsula's most famous dish. At long last, our search for great fish tacos commenced in Ensenada, often considered the birthplace of the fish taco, where it's usually dipped in a light, airy batter and fried.  Beginning at the incredible fish market to see what was on offer, we then sampled our first taco literally steps away from the market stalls, and went on to other spots to sample not only the traditional kind, but also unique creations like fish skin "chicharron," shrimp in chipotle crema, and sea urchin tostadas.


Our final stop of the day was a very special street vendor which Rick called "one of the best places to eat in Mexico."  On the same corner for 40 years, La Guerrerense is THE place to experience Ensenada seafood in its freshest form.

Hit play and feast your eyes on some of the best seafood in the entire world.


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