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Big Game menu plan: Go big or go home.

We have a brother-in-law who firmly believes every party should feature a six-foot sub and a keg of beer. We don't disagree with the simplicity of his vision. We do, however, believe the sub sandwich better be kickass and the beer mighty interesting.


So for Sunday's Big Game we've created such a sub and we're serving a bucketful of iced-down Negra Modelo beers. The sandwich is a riff on our favorite torta milanesa—made easy with oven-fried chicken and zesty pickled jalapeños.


We're also making a ginormous bowl of guacamole. After all, we better do our part to make the legendary consumption of avocados (reportedly 50 million pounds during the Game) come true. That and the fact that it's green—like our favorite team's colors. Kidding! (About our favorite team—not the giant bowl of guacamole.)