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Tortilla Crusted Chicken Tenders with Red Chile Crema | Print |
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Serves 6 as an appetizer

Red Chile Crema:

  1. Season the chicken tenders with ½ teaspoon of the salt. Spread flour on a deep plate (or pie plate), then stir in remaining ½ teaspoon salt. Break the eggs onto another deep plate and add 3 tablespoons water and ½ teaspoon salt.  Beat with a fork until completely liquid.
  2. Crush the bag of tortilla chips to about ¼ inch pieces by opening the bag slightly to let the air out and then using the palm of your hand, crush the chips in the bag.  Spread the tortilla chip crumbs on a third plate.
  3. Dredge all sides of the chicken tenders in the flour, then lay in the egg mixture.  Flip over and carefully transfer to plate of tortilla chips.  Sprinkle chips from the plate onto the chicken and press down firmly to thoroughly coat it in chips.  Transfer to a baking sheet and continue with all of the chicken tenders.  If time, refrigerate uncovered for 1-6 hours to let coating set.
  4. To make the dipping sauce, combine all the sauce ingredients and mix well.
  5. To cook the chicken tenders, heat ¼ inch of oil in a heavy skillet.  Pan fry the tenders in batches, until nicely browned on all sides, approximately 3-4 minutes a side.  Transfer to a sheet lined with paper towel to drain off excess oil.  Serve hot with Red Chile Crema.