Kitchen Skills

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Garlic is amazing—long touted as a cure-all for everything from hangovers to vampires.


A judicious amount can transform a dish. In Mexico, the garlic heads are small and concentrated in flavor. The bigger cloves found in the U.S. are easier to peel but don’t pack as much flavor as the tiny ones.


Red or white garlic? Each has its own followers but in cooked dishes the flavor differences tend to blur. Freshly dug garlic will be “hotter” than those out of the ground for a few months. Cut out any green sprouts at the core—they can be difficult to digest.


For easy, fat-free, roasted garlic, put unpeeled garlic cloves into an ungreased skillet over medium heat. Pan-roast, turning frequently, until softened (they’ll have dark splotches in spots), about 15 minutes. Cool and slip off the papery skins.