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Vibrantly green edamame (immature soybeans) in their pods are—plain and simple—fun to eat. Just pop them open as you do peanuts. I like them because they taste good, but those in the know tell us they contain all the essential amino acids for synthesizing protein, they are high in fiber, and contain no cholesterol.


Substitute blanched, shelled edamame wherever you’d use green pea or fresh fava beans for added protein, iron, B vitamins, niacin and great flavor.


For a special main-course salad, combine 1 cup blanched, shelled edamame, 2 cups blanched cut asparagus, and 1 pound cooked, shelled medium shrimp. Toss lightly with a honey-mustard vinaigrette. Serve piled onto a bed of dressed baby lettuces and garnish with chives.