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These darlings hardly need an introduction nowadays. We’ve become enamored with their smoky heat, and use them in everything from salsa to salads. There are two main types of chipotles, a black-red one and a light brown one (chipotle meco). They have different smoky flavors, though both are smoked-dried cultivars of fresh jalapeños. Most of us, I believe, are familiar with and attracted to the dried-fruit fruitiness of the black-red ones (also called chile colorado or chile mora or chile morita), the ones we know from the can that are packed in a vinegary, tomatoey, slightly sweet sauce called adobo.


Dried chipotles will keep (I store them in the freezer) for a year or so. After opening a can of chipotles in adobo, transfer the contents to a glass jar and store in the refrigerator; they’ll keep several months. Use the spicy adobo sauce to season barbecue sauce, stews and chili.