Mexico–One Plate at a Time

For the ninth season of Chef Rick Bayless’ highly-rated cooking and travel show Mexico-One Plate at a Time, we’re taking our viewers from Oaxaca City to Puerto Angel to explore the cuisine and culture that makes this wonderful state of Mexico irresistible.



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mex1plate_logo_9_oaxaca_small1The once unknown state of Oaxaca, Mexico’s fifth largest, is now on the knowing traveler’s hit list. Its capital is one of Mexico’s most enjoyable colonial cities.By day, people relax at plaza-front sidewalk cafes beneath shady arches and take in the slow-motion scene, reflecting the best of old Mexico. By night, the same plaza becomes alive with entertainment, crafts, folkloric dances and food stalls. Near the plaza, there’s a burgeoning restaurant scene, traditional markets and art galleries.

We visit the surrounding Valley of Oaxaca to explore regal ruined cities, crafts villages, colorful markets and beloved old churches and town plazas. Head south and the Pacific beckons with the coastal resorts of Huatulco, Puerto Angel and Puerto Escondido. Here, outdoor adventures from fishing and river rafting to paddling through wild-life rich coastal mangrove lagoons and hiking tropical rain forest trails. After eight seasons of exploring Mexico, we can’t resist the allure of Oaxaca.


  • A seven-mole tour of Oaxaca: The source of much local pride
  • Off the beaten path restaurants in the state of Oaxaca featuring the pre-Hispanic cuisine of Mexico
  • The stunning Day of the Dead festivities in October-November
  • Chocolate from bean to cup


  • Wild game hunting with local chefs
  • Hiking in the tropical rain forest
  • Fishing with locals on the Pacific coast
  • Small-batch mescal making in the Valle de Oaxaca


  • Oaxaca’s markets are some of Mexico’s most beautiful; stalls sell everything from grilled beef for tacos to rich moles and hot chocolate

Artisan Cuisine

  • Oaxaca world-renowned for its fine weaving and black pottery; home to Rudolfo Morales, Oaxaca has inspired many artists
  • Making artisanal mescal from some of Mexico’s oldest producers
  • An incredible organic garden outside the city with a unique cooking school
  • Giant tortilla making with one of Mexico’s most recognized authorities
  • Boutique cheese making


  • Rick will cook with Baja’s finest chefs, home cooks, and market vendors
  • At his Chicago home kitchen, viewers will see how Rick translates the dishes from Baja’s most progressive cooks into everyday enjoyment
  • Rick will teach viewers how to purchase local seafood and to host a fish taco party at home
  • Rick cooks for some of Mexico’s top winemakers in the beautiful kitchens of Adobe Guadalupe

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