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At Frontera Fiesta there are never too many cooks in the kitchen. Meet our team and learn about out passion for all things fiesta.

Chef Rick Bayless

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Inspired by the authentic experience of the Mexican kitchen, Chef Rick Bayless has achieved international acclaim and thrilled North American audiences at every level—from the elegant artistry of Topolobampo and Frontera Grill to the street-food fiesta of Xoco and Tortas Frontera. Chef Bayless is renowned as a gifted teacher, and his distinctive vision and boundless enthusiasm instill the Frontera team with a passion for great food and exceptional restaurant experiences.

Frontera Foods

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Frontera Food’s specialty food products feature the gamut of robust and spirited regional flavors that represent the very soul of Mexican cuisine.

In many respects, Frontera Foods originated when Chef Rick Bayless began his travels through Mexico almost thirty years ago. Bayless dreamt of bringing the robust regional flavors of Mexico into everyday contemporary American kitchens. He went to work spreading the word about the cuisine’s enormous potential.